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Summer on Ellesmere Island Nunavut a Photographer’s Dream!

I just returned from an awesome trip on top of the world!

I spend the last month and a half on the top of the world, Ellesmere Island which is located in Nunavut, in Canada’s high Arctic.  I was one of a handful of  people who was lucky enough to visit Quttinirpaaq National Park this summer where, on assignment for Parks Canada, I photographed wildlife, spectacular landscape and historic sites. I was able to capture images of Muskox, Arctic Wolves, Arctic Foxes, Perry Caribou,arctic hare and lots of nesting birds.  It is amazing how this remote island can support so much life.  The animals were more curious than afraid of me which is probably because of how few people they encounter.  The landscape was spectacular.  I photographed glaciers, fjords, rivers and stunning mountain landscapes.  I also toured the island by helicopter to access historic sites.  One of the sites I photographed was Ft. Conger which hasn’t changed much since the first polar explorers, in 1809, used it as a base camp.  Old bed frames, cabins and rusty cans litter the site.  I even saw a human scull nearby.  In the summer, the sun never sets, it just circles the sky which is a great opportunity for unlimited photographs.  I was often up all night photographing wildlife as they passed by.  Ellesmere Island is a really special place and offers a unique opportunity for those looking a unique northern photography experience.

For information on 2016 and 2017 Quttinirpaaq National Park, Ellesmere Island guided photography trips, email me or call me at 1 867 222-9999